About Time
Steve Gadd

Once in a generation or so, in every creative field, there comes that rare someone who breaks the mold and transcends their medium, changing it and moving it beyond technique, beyond art, straight into the timeless realms of the human soul.

To experience these creative visionaries in action is one of the great pleasures of being alive. It never fails to elevate us. About Time is a film that takes us insides the heart, mind, and stirring rhythms of one of these geniuses.

Director / Photographers Jerry Simpson and Bill Zules have joined creative forces to tell the untold story of master percussionist Steve Gadd.

Understanding the visceral appeal of drums, our goal is to craft a bold, unconventional documentary that is as original and compelling as our musical subject. About Time explores the history of Steve Gadd, the power and dynamism of his instrument, and the mysterious, all-important role rhythm has played in our species throughout the millennia.